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When An Auto Accident With Injuries Involved A Ride-Sharing Vehicle

Many people depend on ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft to get to places. Travelers, people without cars, people whose cars are being repaired, and people who share their vehicles with other family members often find these transportation-on-demand services useful and attractive.

Perhaps because of their popularity, Uber and Lyft vehicles are involved in many accidents around Stockton and Sacramento. At VS Trial Lawyers, we receive calls regularly from people who need help figuring out how to pursue compensation after such accidents.

Our Team Is Available To Be On Your Side After A Ride-Sharing Car Crash

At our law firm, a team approach to counsel and representation is the norm. All or most of our attorneys and office staff may meet with you at your initial consultation or soon thereafter. Once you have decided to work with our lawyers, we will then divide up the work of preparing your case as if for trial. Various attorneys and assistants will tackle different parts of your case such as the following:

  • Reviewing medical reports and communicating with your health care providers
  • Reconstructing the accident to provide a clear picture as to who was liable and how it happened
  • Determining whether the ride-sharing vehicle driver had insurance as required by California
  • Determining what the insurance policy limits are based on whether the Uber or Lyft driver had the ride-sharing app turned on, the passenger was in the car and/or the car was in motion.

Some aspects of your accident and recovery will be the same as for any other type of motor vehicle accident. Insurance issues, however, will likely be specific to the ride-sharing driver’s actions regarding the app that you use to get a ride.

You Should Be Able To Concentrate On Getting Better

Every motor vehicle accident involves many questions that need to be answered to conclude an injury claim or lawsuit. When our team of rideshare accident attorneys is at the helm of your case, you can focus on physical therapy and other aspects of your recovery. We will bear the burdens of sorting out the legal factors that must be investigated. We also represent injured ride-sharing drivers, as well as pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants of other vehicles who are injured in crashes caused by Uber and Lyft cars.

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